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About the Phamily
William Jannine Monica
In 2016, Jannine & William met through a work instant
messenger service.  Over time Jannine & William
began to grow a friendship and even created
nick names for each other.

In 2017, Jannine & William met in person for the first time.
This was during a vacation William took to Cebu,
Philippines that he took to meet many friends.

In 2018, Monica & William took a vacation to visit friends,
attend a wedding as Ninong & Ninang, and to visit our
friend Jannine and her husband Romar.  By the end
of the trip Monica & William welcomed Jannine &
Romar to their family as new brothers and sisters.

After this visit Monica, Jannine & William continued
to talk via instant messenger and had a shared dream.
Their dream was a business where they work
together to provide decent lives for their family.
11051687 CANADA INC was born.

After a few attempts at launching a successful business
in 2019, Monica and William discussed a previous successful
business that William once owned and only left due to illness. It was then decided,
the family would start an Ottawa based computer repair and service
company while continuing their efforts on other ideas.
PhamilyPC was born.